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Alfa has farm production certified EUREP GAP, with an area of about 40 hectares, cultivated for table grapes.
In order to make an environmentally friendly farming environmental protection. Product processing is performed in a newly built establishment, equipped with fridges and machines that allow you to make different types of packaging, to meet customer needs, always with full respect of product quality, the environment and consumer health.

Table grapes

The screw is a woody, climbing plant, with stems and roots capable of secondary growth. He twisted and woody stem with branches (branches) vines with prehensile tendrils.The leaves, have mostly form palmata-lobed and toothed margins. The fruits (berries) are juicy berries with 1-4 ovoid seeds (those pips), gathered in clusters.

The climate

The table grape vine grows well in temperate regions, eschewing the humidity, temperature variations and cold climates.
The vine needs good brightness, in Italy the regions from this point of view more development-friendly culture are the Puglia and Sicily, as the hot-arid environment enhances the earliness and quality of the product.

Grape production in Italy

The Italy is a major producer of table grape (1,229,400 tonnes in 1999) but is mainly concentrated cultivation in two regions: Puglia (74.4%), and Sicily (19.7%).
The major competing Countries are: Spain and Greece, Turkey and Egypt especially apirena grape.


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