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Before building the company founder was producer of grapes, who after having gained experience in the field (about 25 years), starts a thriving business, indeed in recent years the company has marketed quantities of table grapes that have circumvented on 3.000 tons per year.

The company is a company that by 10 years wineskin is engaged in the field of processing and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially the excellent table grapes.

The efficient organisation of the company allows the placement of products confezionatisia domestic and international markets, ensuring freshness and quality of the product.

The company is set in Sicily (in the heart of the Mediterranean), in the municipality of Ravanusa province of Agrigento.

ALFA s.r.l. - S.S.644 km2.7 - 92029 Ravanusa (AG) - Italy - Tel.Fax +39 0922 876311 - Partita IVA: 02087940843